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Inspecting Jewels


For over 15 years, Main Jewellery & Loans has been a cornerstone in the Chilliwack community. Our journey commenced with an 800 sq. ft. pawnshop in February 2003, and since then, we've thrived significantly. Throughout the years, we've solidified our standing by delivering an extensive array of jewelry-related products and services to both homeowners and businesses. Leveraging our expertise in goldsmithing, we not only offer jewelry repairs but also provide top-dollar value when you choose to sell. Whether it's collateral loans or a dazzling selection of jewelry, including guitars, video game consoles we've emerged as the preferred destination for those in search of quality pieces and exceptional service.

Lately, our offerings have expanded to include a diverse range of exquisite collectibles, including aboriginal art, antiques, movie props, and curiosities. Additionally, we're actively purchasing gold and silver jewelry at competitive high market rates! Come visit us today!

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